An Introduction to the ReadalyzerTM

The Readalyzer is utilized during a Vision Therapy Evaluation.  The goggles are placed over your eyes to tell us what your eyes do while reading.  The device tells us about your reading speed and comprehension but it also reveals other more important findings.  It helps us determine if poor eye movement control is contributing to your reading struggles.

Readalyzer-Screen.jpgDo you skip over certain words when reading?  Do you skip over whole lines in the text?  Do you lose your place?  Do you back track and read the same thing twice or three times?  Do your eyes stop for an excessively long time when looking at a certain word?  While tested with the Readalyzer, sensors inside the goggles can capture and record all this information while reading through a paragraph or even a longer story of three to four pages.

How it works: The doctor/vision therapist will select an age appropriate passage for the patient to read.  The patient silently reads the passage and answers ten questions about the text.  Immediately after, we can print out results that help us see if the patient’s eye movements are contributing to reading problems.

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  • "We have noticed a huge improvement with our son during and after completing his vision therapy with A New Vision. He is reading at a much higher level, his grades have improved, his confidence has increased, and homework is not taking so long. His improvements are life changing! Thank you so much!"
    D.H. / Beaverton, OR

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